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Physical Play as a Computational Learning Medium

Leveraging physical play to provide engaging, playful, and active computational learning experiences for young children.


Learning to code typically happens in sedentary ways in front of the screen, which might discourage participation from children who love to play and prefer more active learning. We are exploring the combination of physical play (e.g., playground games) with coding to provide playful, engaging, and active computational learning experiences for young children, including the designs of physical-play-mediated learning experiences and coding tools to support such playful learning.

Relevant Pulications

Yu, J., Zheng, C., Tamashiro, M., Gonzalez-millan, C. & Roque, R. (2020) CodeAttach: Engaging Young Children in Computational Thinking Through Physical Play Activities. In Fourteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (TEI ’20), February 9–12, 2020, Sydney, NSW, Australia. (LINK)


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